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Do angels go through adolescence? Do they ever fall in love with humans? From longtime author Rob Kerby, editor for bestselling authors over the last three decades, here is the imaginative tale of three young celestial beings -- a warrior, a singer and a guardian -- learning one of the hardest lessons: How to love the Almighty's most puzzling creation.

Follow naive, impulsive singer Nubbin as she yearns to save the life of teenage heart-throb Rusty Thatcher, son of an assassinated U.S. president.

Ache with young warrior Dov as he flirts with the forbidden, masquerading as the boy-god ruler of the pre-European Aztec Empire.

Puzzle with dark, conflicted Wolf -- not quite a demonic rebel ... not yet.

And chuckle with the misadventures of Jubal and Kenan -- identical twins who aren't angels at all.

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Longingly, Nubbin studied the
cherub. She smiled, remembering a fun
time.She sighed. Humans had such little understanding of heaven. Sure, there were streets of gold, pearly gates, mansions and
harp-strumming cherubs. There is all of that
– except not quite so many harps. "